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In July 2013, AVG acquired the business of Level Platforms, whose remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform, Managed Workplace, has established itself as the industry leader in terms of market adoption, product innovation and commitment to Partner (customer) success.

Level Platforms was founded in 1999 as a managed services provider (MSP) targeting small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) across the US and Canada. In 2003, the Company shifted its strategy to RMM software, drawing from its deep managed services expertise. In May 2004, Level Platforms released the first version of Managed Workplace for solution providers. Its simplicity, elegance and power made the product an instant success. Since then Managed Workplace has won virtually every major award for which it qualified.

"Our mission has been to establish Managed Workplace as the ubiquitous remote monitoring, management and automation platform for IT service providers around the world," said Peter Sandiford, LPI Level Platforms' CEO. "By adding Managed Workplace software to the AVG portfolio, AVG will be in a position to deliver the most comprehensive, innovative, high quality and high performance platform for SMBs and their MSPs in the market."

"Our two companies share a goal of delivering a powerful cloud based IT management platform for MSPs that profoundly simplifies the way you service and protect your small business customers," added John Giamatteo, Chief Operating Officer of AVG Technologies. "AVG is in a position to develop the Managed Workplace portfolio and deliver a significantly enhanced product offering globally, leveraging our brand and organization to support growth. The technology requirements for small businesses are increasing day by day as the world migrates towards a mobile working environment. AVG has the infrastructure and partner base to enable customer growth in a safe, cost-effective and secure way."

About AVG

AVG's mission is to simplify, optimize and secure the Internet experience, providing peace of mind to a connected world. AVG's powerful yet easy-to-use software and online services put users in control of their Internet experience. By choosing AVG's software and services, users become part of a trusted global community that benefits from inherent network effects, mutual protection and support. AVG has grown its user base to 150 million active users as of March 31, 2013 and offers a product portfolio that targets the consumer and small business markets and includes Internet security, PC performance optimization, online backup, mobile security, identity protection and family safety software. www.avg.com

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